Take care of each other

Tivoli is closed due to COVID-19

To comply with the newest restrictions presented by the Danish Government Monday December 7th, it is no longer possible to open the gates to Tivoli. From December 9th Tivoli will unfortunately be closed.

We are deeply affected as a company and employees but at the same time very grateful for the time we got to celebrate Christmas in Tivoli.

We are looking forward to make and share memories with all of our guests in 2021.

Stand in line - separately

Digital amusement line

Wait in line for your next ride in the Tivoli app!

When you visit Tivoli Gardens some lines for our rides are digital*. With the digital amusement lines you will have more time to enjoy the Gardens and have fun with family and friends. 

How it works:

  • Download the Tivoli app**
  • Choose “Book a ride” and pick the ride you want to try, and choose the number of people who is riding with you.
  • The countdown has started. Keep an eye on you place in the queue, and make sure to check in, in time.
  • Turn on push-notifications and allow us to let you know when it is your turn.
  • Have fun and enjoy your ride!

Psst! Watch the video on this site if you want to see how it works.

*It's only necessary to pre-book your ride in the Tivoli app for the following rides: The Galley Ships, The Mine, Aquila, The Bumber Cars, The Camel Trail, The Monsoon, The Golden Tower, The Swing Carousel, and Haunted House.

** It is possible to lend a smartphone at the Tivoli Service center, if you do not have one yourself.  Be aware you must be + 18 and either deposit 1000 DKK or present a valid picture ID.