Take care of each other

We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Gardens are fully blooming and we are looking forward to welcoming you. The most important thing to us in Tivoli is that we are opening the Gardens in a safe and responsible way. In order to comply with the recommendations from the authorities, we are initiating new precautions to assure a safe visit for you.

Protective precautions:

When arriving at the Tivoli Main Entrance it is possible for those of you with a Tivoli Pass or pre-purchased tickets to use our self-service entrance. We have increased our cleaning frequency and placed hand sanitizer in the Gardens so you don’t have to worry about hygiene. Furthermore, we will ensure that distance is kept by using range markers. 

The Authorities have decided that the capacity on high speed rides can be increased. To meet the precautions from the Ministry of Health, we will provide free disposable face mask for each ride on Tik Tak, The Milky Way Express, The Demon and The Monsoon. All other rides are following the precautions we have already implemented and we are still taking good care of each other.

It is also possible to order your food to pick-up and stand in a digital line to your favorite rides. At last our always obliging inspectors have gotten a new uniform – in selected rides they will be wearing face shields.

We promise that you can enjoy your visit to Tivoli Gardens and feel safe. 

Stand in line - separately

Digital amusement line

Wait in line for your next ride in the Tivoli app!

When you visit Tivoli Gardens all the lines for our rides are digital. With the digital amusement lines you will have more time to enjoy the Gardens and have fun with family and friends. 

How it works:

  • Download the Tivoli app*
  • Choose “Book a ride” and pick the ride you want to try, and choose the number of people who is riding with you.
  • The countdown has started. Keep an eye on you place in the queue, and make sure to check in, in time.
  • Turn on push-notifications and allow us to let you know when it is your turn.
  • Have fun and enjoy your ride!

Psst! Watch the video on this site if you want to see how it works.

* It is possible to lend a smartphone at the Tivoli Service center, if you do not have one yourself.  Be aware you must be + 18 and either deposit 1000 DKK or present a valid picture ID.

Buy your ticket from home

Save time and avoid queue

We recommend that you prepare your trip to Tivoli in advance by buying your tickets and Unlimited Ride Tickets from home. In that way you can avoid standing in line at the ticket office. With pre-ordered tickets you get access to our self-service entrances.

More information about covid-19 here

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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about your visit to Tivoli after covid-19.

  1. Do I need to book my visit in advance?

    No, you don't need to book your visit in advance.

  2. When to expect fewest visitors?

    The overview above shows you when to expect the fewest visitors.

  3. Which rides are open?

    Luckly all rides but three are open.

    Closed rides include Tik Tak, The Fun House, and VR in the Demon. These rides are closed due to the guidelines and restrictions from the Danish Health Authority.

    Please pay attention that there may be extended waiting times for some rides, as these run with reduced capacity. We have added all extra wagons to minimize the waiting time. However our digital amusementline allows you to enjoy the waiting time in the Gardens.

  4. Do I need to use the Tivoli app to stand in line?

    Yes you do need the Tivoli app to stand in line. If you do not have a smartphone it is possible to borrow one for a deposit of 1000 DKK or picture ID at the Service Center at the Main Entrance.

  5. How do I stand in line, if I do not have a smartphone?

    You do need the Tivoli app to queue. If you do not have a smartphone it is possible to lend one at the Tivoli Service center. Please be aware you must be + 18 and there will be a deposit of 1000 DKK or picture ID.

  6. How do you comply with the restrictions at the rides?

    Through Tivolis digital amusement line and distance markers we do our very best to create safe surrounding in Tivoli. By using the Tivoli app we avoid gatherings of big crowds as the app will notify you when to go in line.

    Furthermore Tivoli has placed hand sanitizer at all rides, entrances, restroomes etc. 

  7. How do you avoid to many people in the lines?

    When using the Tivoli app and our digital amusement line we avoid gatherings of big crowds. Use the app to stand in line, and the app will notify you when you are allowed to go to the ride.

  8. Is it possible to charge my phone in Tivoli?

    It is possible to charge your phone at the Central Station entrance in Bernstorffsgade. It is also possible to buy a charged powerbank at the Tivoli Servicecenter at the Main Entrance.