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Regarding COVID-19

We are doing our utmost to ensure a safe visit for all guests, and the most important thing to us is to receive our guests in an appropriate manner in accordance with current guidelines.

When visiting Christmas in Tivoli this year, it is necessary to book your time of arrival in advance. As always, access to the Gardens requires a valid entrance ticket or Tivoli Pass. 
Please note, that there won’t be any access to the Gardens without a pre-booked arrival time and a valid entrance ticket or Tivoli Pass. We implement this precaution in order to avoid big gatherings and to ensure a safe and joyful Christmas experience.

On the day of your pre-booked visit, you may stay in the Gardens for as long as you like until we close at 22:00. The booking simply states the time period for your arrival at Tivoli.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about how to book your arrival time for Christmas in Tivoli.

  1. Should I both pre-book an arrival time and buy a ticket?

    Yes, you must both pre-book an arrival time and buy a ticket. We recommend that you pre-book your arrival time before buying your ticket.
    Buy admission tickets here.

  2. Can I book arrival time for more than one person? And if so, how many?

    Yes, you can pre-book arrival times for up to five people per booking.

  3. Should I pre-book arrival times for children?

    Yes, each person you take into Tivoli must have a valid booking.

  4. How do I change or cancel my booking?

    Please sent an e-mail to if you want to change or cancel your booking.

  5. Should I buy a ticket first or begin by pre-booking an arrival time?

    Should I buy a ticket first or begin by pre-booking an arrival time?

  6. Do I need to pre-book an arrival time if I have a Tivoli Pass?

    Yes. All our visitors must pre-book their arrival times when visiting the Gardens to encourage social distancing and so everyone enjoys a happy and safe experience in Tivoli.

    If you are using your Tivoli Pass to bring companions along, remember to pre-book arrival times for them too.

  7. What is the procedure for taking companions to the Gardens using my Tivoli Silver Pass or Tivoli Gold Pass?

    If taking companions along using your Tivoli Pass, remember to book arrival times for yourself and your companions.

  8. Do I need to pre-book my time of arrival even though I already bought my entrance ticket?

    Yes. To get access to Tivoli you need both a valid booking and entrance ticket or Tivoli Pass. 

    Please be aware that the entrance ticket does not give access to The Gardens unless you also have a valid booking for your arrival. 

  9. Should I book an arrival time if I have a table reservation at a restaurant?

    Yes, even if you have a table reservation at a restaurant, you still need to book an arrival time separately before visiting Tivoli. A table reservation does not entitle you to access to Christmas in Tivoli.

  10. I have tickets to a show in the Halls. Should I book an arrival time?

    Tickets to shows in the Halls also count as arrival bookings for visiting the Gardens. Consequently, you do not need to pre-book an arrival time.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about pre-booking your arrival time.

  1. What precautions are being taken to avoid too many visitors gathering at the same time?

    To avoid too many visitors gathering at once, we have chosen to introduce mandatory pre-booked arrival times for admission to Tivoli. We have also positioned additional attendants in front of Tivoli to help ensure a natural flow in and out of the Gardens, and also to prevent crowds from gathering outside the entrance to Tivoli.

    We have also set a maximum number of visitors we would like in the Gardens at the same time, and we keep a close check to ensure that limit is not exceeded.

  2. Which entrances may I use?

    During Christmas in Tivoli, the Main Entrance on Vesterbrogade and the entrance opposite Copenhagen Central Station on Bernstoffsgade will be open.

  3. What should I do if I arrive earlier than my pre-booked arrival time?

    Please note: To avoid queuing, we recommend that you do not arrive before the arrival time you have booked. In case you might not be able to arrive on time, please cancel your appointment by sending an email to If you need to reserve a new arrival time, please restart the booking process

  4. Should we enter together?

    No, that is not necessary. You will receive barcodes for the number of people registered on your arrival booking. You can therefore distribute the barcodes among the members of your group in case they arrive at Tivoli later.

    However, please remember that the barcodes provide access only for the pre-booked period.

  5. How long can I stay in the Gardens after my arrival time?

    You can stay in Tivoli for as long as you wish until 22:00. Your booking has no limit on how many hours you may stay in the Gardens.

    The booking determines your arrival time.

  6. Can I re-enter if I leave?

    If you leave the Gardens and wish to re-enter later the same day, you must use the exit by the Tivoli Food Hall, where you will be given a wristband. This wristband is your admission ticket for later in the day, and you must re-enter via the entrance at Tivoli Food Hall.

  7. Is there a risk of the gates being closed even though we have pre-booked an arrival time?

    Tivoli accepts no liability for periods when it may be necessary to close access to the Gardens in compliance with current guidelines, and to offer each visitor a happy and safe visit. Therefore, a pre-booked arrival time does not guarantee access to the Gardens.

  8. I have bought a ticket but not pre-booked an arrival time and now they have sold out. What should I do? What can I do?

    Unfortunately, we cannot admit visitors who have no pre-booked arrival time. If you have already purchased a ticket and there are no more arrival times available on the day in question, please note that your admission ticket is valid for one day during the entire season. You are therefore welcome to use your ticket on another day during Christmas in Tivoli.

Buying Tickets From Home

Prepare your visit

We encourage you to plan your Tivoli adventure in advance and buy your tickets and multi-ride tickets from home. This will allow you to use our self-service entrance with your pre-purchased admission ticket.  

Please note that it is necesarry to book the time of your arrival prior to your visit. Tivoli will only allow entrance to the Gardens with a valid reservation. The functionality for the booking is not yet finished, but you will find the information on this page, once the functionality is available.

You can read further information about COVID-19 here.

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When Attending Concerts In Tivoli

Your concert ticket is valid as entrance ticket and it is not necessary to book time for your arrival to enter the Gardens.

When attending live-events in Tivoli, please remember to comply with the following security instructions due to COVID-19:

  • Please wear a face mask when you are not sitting down
  • Please stay in your seat
  • The walking area should only be used to and from the restrooms - please don't stop on your way
  • As far as possible, only one person from your party should go to the bar
  • Unfortunately it is not allowed to sing or dance

Please don't hesitate to reach our to our Tivoli staff if you have any question.

We are looking forward to seeing you!.