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Christmas magic for tiny tots

Christmas for children

Come visit Santa Claus in his cozy Christmas bazaar. Feel the tingle in your stomach when trying the Christmas rides. Invite the whole family to Tivoli and let your family be a part of a magical Christmas tale.

Christmas sparkle starts here

Thousands of Christmas lights will twinkle like stars

For Christmas in Tivoli, we light up the dark with beautiful decorations everywhere. True to tradition, you can stroll about exploring the many Christmas stalls and watch as the Tivoli Youth Guard's illuminated parades march by. You'll hear both Christmas classics and new music playing in Tivoli's Halls. And there'll be Christmas treats galore...


New Years in Tivoli

End the year in style

When Santa Claus flies off back to his home in Greenland and the last of the Christmas pudding has been polished off, Tivoli will be dressing up to the nines ready for New Year's Eve. With New Year menus and a firework display, you're guaranteed a party to remember when Tivoli opens its doors between Christmas and the New Year – also on New Year's Eve.