Winter treats

Tastes of winter


Hungry for delicious food in magical surroundings? Then why not take part in our food event, Tivoli Dining Week?

From 1 - 7 February a wide selection of Tivoli's restaurants will offer special menus, to be enjoyed in the winter-festooned gardens.


Tivoli food hall

If you get hungry while strolling around in the winter landscape you can drop by Tivoli Food Hall and choose something heavenly from the wide range of food stands. We cater for all tastes, so you'll always find something to satisfy your appetite – and suit your mood on the day.

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Valentine's Day

The taste of romance

On Valentine's Day, 14 February, we will be celebrating love in the beautiful Gardens. The gardens are specially decorated for this particular day, and our restaurants have lovingly prepared special menus for you and your chosen partner. 

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Go explore

Winter stalls

Go explore the stalls at Winter in Tivoli. Grab a bite, or maybe something hot to drink on a chilly day. 

Among the booths you can find both familiar classics from last year and many new booths.