Explore the magic gardens

Winter Wonder Land

Sparkling ice crystals

The skating rink is open

Bambinos on ice

Are you a princess on skates or Bambi on ice?

Tivoli's skating rink has room for everyone, so get your skates on and glide out on the octagonal skating rink in front of Nimb's dazzling palace. Feel free to bring your own skates, or rent skates in the Gardens. 



Skating events

Join the party on ice

Each weekend, we will invite visitors young and old to step up to dance on the ice at the skating rink. Take your friends out for a fun night on the ice when the skating rink is transformed into the coolest dance floor for a Party on Ice every Friday.

On Saturdays, you can dance cheek to cheek at Dance on Ice, and on Sundays there will be exciting Polar Parties for tiny tots. See you at there!

PARTY ON ICE   DANce on ice   POLAR party

It's been snowing!

Enchanting winter wonderland

Explore a winter wonderland with snowmen, icicles and heaps of snow!

Drift along marvelling at the Snow Queen's universe with frosted glass and glittering ice crystals on the Pantomime theatre, and tour the Gardens in pitch darkness amid thousands of twinkling snowflakes, lovely light installations and whimsical winter decorations. 



Feel the adrenaline rush

Ride in the middle of our winter wonderland

Most of the Gardens’ rides will be off on winter holiday, but instead our special winter rides will be open. Feel the wind on your cheeks as you look out over the captivating snow-covered winter landscape from above.